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OMICAM Wearable VR Action Camera with 240 Degrees View and Image Stabilization

  • Ultra lightweight "Wearable VR Camera" that has never existed so you can always wear a hands-free video shoot!
  • Up to 15 hours of recording with "Lifelong" for extended outdoor activities.
  • Renders VR footage up to 4K 30fps, 240 degree wide angle offers "first person view" VR video like no other camera in its category.
  • IP65 splash proof working with you under snow, river tracing and mountain bike. Splash-proof, dust-proof, Wearable and mountable.
  • Unique "Horizon" calibration for wearable action camera. OMICAM automatically adjusts the horizon whether the camera is right side up, upside down or sideways.
  • The OMICAM WEARABLE VR ACTION camera provides a new way to capture 4K film and Virtual Reality Content.
  • It is our first consumer grade "Wearable VR Action Camera" with our proprietary OMI (Optical Motion Intelligence) technology. OMI takes care of complex video calibration and stabilization processes necessary to convert the actual VR media footage for proper view angle.
  • OMICAM was designed to be worn or mounted quickly anywhere, any position to reduce concerns and hassles so you don't have to miss the important moments. This state of art technology additionally eliminates the need for heavy, expensive gimbal equipment for a immersive and stable video.With its specific design, we've made it so the 240° degree can be captured. The covers a comfortable viewing range when you pan left right up or down for an immersive point of view.
  • OMICAM goes with App - OMI studio (including desktop and iOS/Android version). It is well designed for outdoor activity and providing great video edit function/ viewing VR video, sharing VR on SNS and cloud service.Record up to 15 hours of film through our LifeLog Mode which uses its smart algorithm to capture your most exciting moments. Focus on your adventure as you take OMICAM underwater, hikes, bike rides, and more. Immerse yourself first then re-experience amazing.

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