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12L Crop Agricultural Drone Sprayer - UAV

YJU12-(4 Axles-4 Propellers)
This family of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)  boast  robust GPS functions, AB spot operation, fully automatic operation, automatic land planning, obstacle avoidance, irregular land, topographic flight, fixed high and fixed point, hovering, return in case of out of control, automatic return in case of medicine cutoff and power cutoff, automatic return, coordinate position continues to work, set flow per mu, one-key set off, one-key landing, flight beyond visual range, identifiable, detectable and traceable flight operation, access device of operator's identity secret key, function of preventing respraying and missed spraying, electronic rail, real-time data return of height, speed, flow and satellite, sealed structure, waterproof, dustproof, support flight in rainy days, preventing locked-rotor, automatic closing after accidental fall, power output to prevent secondary damage, APP real-time voice broadcast, master flight information, autonomous operation, easy operation, high precision locator supports centimeter-level positioning, night navigation light operates at night. Other details are as follows:
  • Min loading weight :12KG
  • Aircraft weight :12KG
  • Max take-off weight :35KG
  • Unfolding Size :L1.05mxW1.1mxH0.49m
  • Folding size :L0.65mxW0.76mxH0.65m
  • No load flight time :30 min
  • Full load flight time :16 min
  • Spraying time :6-12 min
  • Spray flow :0.8~2L/min
  • Spraying speed :0-10 m/min
  • Spraying Shape :Full Cone
  • Flying speed :0-15 m/min
  • Spraying width :6M
  • Max wind resistance :Fresh gale
  • Control distance :Radium 2500m
  • Working voltage :44.4V
  • Nozzle :4pcs

Body Material and Structure:
It adopts imported carbon fiber, which is light in weight and strong in strength. The metal part is made of CNC-7075 high and light aluminum alloy, which is highly break-resistant.
Millimeter-wave radar supports topographic flight. The aircraft will automatically adjust the height along with the terrain, thus guaranteeing uniform height during operation process and achieving better operation effect. Real-time image transmission realizes beyond visual range flight.
Applications: Fertilization,Seeding, Pesticides etc..
After Sales Service: One-year warranty for the whole device; 24-hours after-sales technical support

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