FreeWorldImports (FWI) is a FREEWORLD BRAND, LLC company, they operate this  website / marketplace.  FWI want you to know that they take your privacy seriously. The FWI website/marketplace Privacy Policy states what information is collected and how that information is collected, for what purposes that information is collected , how that information is used, who that information is shared with and under what circumstances that information will be released. FWI want you to know when you have a choice regarding the collection or dissemination of any personal information, and how you can exercise your options. The FWI website / marketplace Privacy Policy will also explain what rights you have in relation to your personal information, what steps are taken to secure your private information and what steps you should take to safeguard that information. Finally, the FWI website / marketplace Privacy Policy will tell you who you can contact regarding questions about our website Privacy Policy.
FreeWorldImports offers a wide variety of products catering to the unique needs of professional buyers with products ranging from new, used, shelf pulls, refurbished, returns, and salvage in many different categories. Our product categories consist of Aircrafts, Automobiles, Armored Vehicles, Boats, Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry & Watches, Computers & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Farming Equipment, Ferry/Passenger Vessels, Fishing Vessels/Trawlers, Furniture, General Merchandise, Heavy Equipment, Housewares, Housing, Law Enforcement Machinery & Equipment, Military, Power Generation, Security Systems, Ships, Spirits, Telecommunications, Trucks, Tugboats and Yachts & Non-Commercials Vessels. These are just a few, product categories and products are being added daily!

Step 1: Registration within the FreeWorldImports marketplace is free and easy. Simply click on the REGISTRATION button on our home / front page to begin the registration process.

Step 2: Find the product/merchandise you want to buy Browse available auctions items within the marketplace by performing a basic keyword search from the search bar which appears on our front/home and product page, or by clicking on the product category from the PRODUCT MENU.

Step 3: BID! The fact that you have registered and your registration has been verified, you can bid on any FreeWorldImports auction item by clicking on the "Submit A Bid" button. The item will be placed in your shopping cart. When you are through bidding / shopping, visit your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Within your shopping cart you can remove items and enter your final bid amount in the designated field/box.

Step 4: Pay for an Auction Item / Checkout We accept Direct Bank Transfer and Check Payment. Both can be performed online via the VRDUSA payment gateway or by any of our Virtual Point of Sale Operators (VPOS). There is no limit as to the US dollar ($) value for transactions that we are able to process.  As long as the funds are available in your bank account, we are able to process the transaction.

Step 5: Manage Your Account! You can view your orders form the "My Orders" menu in the dropdown which is made available from the "LOGOUT" menu option. From this menu item there is also a dropdown which allows you to change your profile.

You can search for products/auctions items easily using one of the following: From the home Page / Front Page Some of the values are featured in the FreeWorldImports Home Page. Additionally, by clicking on the "View All Auctions" button and the "Products" menu item will enable you select any product from the product category menu. You can also use the "search bar" which appears on all pages to filter/narrow your search based on keywords.

Our payment methods are as follows; 

  • Direct Bank Transfer 
  • Check Payment
  • Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) Operators  who are equipped with the tools  to accept checks, credit cards and process bank transfers.
FreeWorldImports will never ask for your personal information - including usernames, passwords, credit card or banking details via email. If we need to request any personal information a Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) Operator will contact you by phone. If you receive an email purporting to come from FreeWorldImports asking for personal or sensitive information, do not respond. Forward this email immediately to  our support staff. The practice of sending such emails is known as "phishing," which is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. If you believe you have received a phishing email, please contact us immediately either via email or telephone.
There are  no membership fees associated with the FreeWorldImports marketplace. Your registration for a membership is free, and you can cancel at any time.
You can reach one of our Virtual Point of Sale (VPOS) Operators at 1-609-900-7707 anytime, day or night – Our customer service line is available 24/7. You can also email us  

No! Shipping cost for delivery at place - (final destination) will be provided by a FreeWorldImports Virtual Point of Sale Operator - (VPOS).